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Eurochannel, the channel dedicated to European movies, series and music, launches in Switzerland on the TV provider net+. Swiss movie aficionados can now enjoy the best of European audiovisual content on net+’s channel 86. Eurochannel will be available in HD format.

Eurochannel is the TV channel dedicated to the best of Europe. It offers a multicultural programming with entertaining audiovisual content from all across Europe, in original audio version for each program, and subtitled.

Eurochannel offers a curated selection of movies, documentaries and series, 95% of them have never been broadcasted in Switzerland before. It is the only existing channel to offer such an exclusive European content, and to propose a vision of Europe without any boarders, breaking through all cultural and language boundaries.

Gustavo Vainstein, Eurochannel’s Chairman and CEO said:

We are thrilled to start offering Eurochannel to Swiss viewers. We did notice they were eager to watch European programs; especially movies from countries you rarely see on television. It reinforces our relationship with Switzerland, to which we have dedicated a special month to introduce the country’s excellent audiovisual production, with the support of Présence Suisse.”

Christian Voide, net+’s Chairman said:

I am glad to premiere Eurochannel’s high-quality programs in Switzerland. I am sure viewers of net+ will welcome it very warmly, as they always seek exclusive and enriching.”

Curated selection of exclusive movies

Celebrating its launching in Switzerland on net+, Eurochannel will offer a curated selection of exclusive movies. Swiss viewers will discover The Idealist, a fascinating Danish thriller about a journalist and his determination to reveal the truth behind a nuclear accident, hidden by the highest power spheres. Eurochannel also invites net+ subscribers to enjoy four exclusive movies from the Netherlands. Amongst them, The Trap, the story of a driving instructor who suddenly disappears with his wife and children or The Garden Party, a thrilling story about Alzheimer’s disease.

Eurochannel is available in 10 language versions and available in more than 22 million households.

About Eurochannel:


Eurochannel is an award-winning television channel dedicated to promoting the European culture and lifestyle through films, series, and music through a curated programming programs dedicated to riveting stories, history, fashion events, arts or mythical destinations. Eurochannel offers European content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, French, Serbian and Korean versions. For more information, please visit:

About net +:


net+ is French-speaking Switzerland’s leading provider of multimedia content, is a service company specialized in the field of telecommunications. S.A. is able to guarantee the delivery of high quality local services related to internet access, telephone service and television to over 150,000 customers, whether they live in the middle of the city or in more remote areas. For more information, please visit:

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Source: Eurochannel Inc.


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