Is your blog well known?

Is your blog well known?

Is your blog well known?

Is your blog well known?

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Popularity can be measured today by the amount of likes or views generated, wrongly or not. A buzz is created by sharing on social media, as soon as it is been approved virtually by a few fans.

It is interesting to note that a like on social media when sharing a post doesn’t mean the post has been read. On the contrary, if you look at your visitors statistics, you will notice that the number of likes is higher than your actual number of real visitors.

Beside, Facebook is starting to offer a graduation of appreciation, from like to hate. For now, Facebook has explained that the number of « I hate » will have no influence whatsoever on you pages’ popularity. But, in my opinion it is not the end of the story, and I will not not be surprised if the algorithm is modified soon.

It is exactly the same with videos. The number of views does not tell you if the videos has been seen up to the end or not.


Being renowned is more complex. You need to be able to appreciate how your blog is perceived as a reference on one or more subjects by readers to know if it is renowned.

Do your readers come and look for a recipe in your blog and thank you afterwards? Direct contact is surely a mark of recognition. It shows that the reader has made a specific effort to question you personally. In fact, it is one of the essential barometers often forgotten.

Looked up

Your readers find your posts with the help of a search engine. You are established and your SEO must be good.

Depending on the subjects your post showing up on the first page of a Google search can be difficult. When it is the case, it’s like the discovery of the holy Grail.

If not, the chairs will remain empty, like the ones on the picture, and your posts will wait for visitors who will not come. It is the case for me, but I will keep my freedom of style and my eclecticism. I hope they make me popular with you.

Translated by: Pom de Pin

Version française español version allemande version italienne

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  1. Tricheur! 😉 Mais sujet tout a fait exact!
    Tu resumes bien la situation. Je pense que l’on est oblige de zapper certains article sa moins d’être scotche devant son écran 24h/24, non?

    • Hello ! je publie à l’aide de traducteurs certains de mes articles, si tu cliques sur les petits drapeaux tu as les différentes langues offertes pour l’article.

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