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Belgrade Renews Contract with RATP Dev

The City of Belgrade renews its “Early Operator Assistance” contract with RATP Dev for the Belgrade automated metro system

The City of Belgrade has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing its metro system by renewing its contract with RATP Dev for « Early Operator Assistance. » This significant agreement underscores the City’s dedication to implementing a state-of-the-art automated metro network that aligns with international standards.

Strengthening Cooperation Through a New Contract

Since April 1st, 2024, RATP Dev, the international subsidiary of RATP Group, has been collaborating closely with the City of Belgrade’s Secretariat for Public Transport and BMV (Beogradski Metro i Voz). This renewed partnership follows the signing of a « Memorandum of Understanding » in September 2023 and aims to bolster the longstanding cooperation between RATP Dev and BMV. The contract focuses on leveraging RATP Dev’s global expertise in automated metro systems and high-capacity networks to ensure the future Belgrade metro system meets the highest international standards.

Expert Guidance on Functional Design and Specifications

As part of the agreement, RATP Dev will contribute its extensive international operator experience and expertise to review and advise on the functional design and specifications of the future metro system. This assistance will encompass operations and maintenance, safety, passenger experience, and life cycle cost optimization. By providing valuable insights and recommendations, RATP Dev aims to support the City of Belgrade in developing a metro system that is efficient, safe, and tailored to the needs of its residents.

Belgrade’s Ambitious Metro Project: A Landmark Infrastructure Undertaking

Belgrade’s fully automated metro project represents the largest and most important infrastructure undertaking of the Republic of Serbia today. The planned metro network comprises Line 1 (21.8 km, 21 stations), Line 2 (24.2 km, 26 stations), and Line 3 (23 km, 22 stations). RATP Dev is dedicated to supporting the city’s vision and goals for this transformative project, drawing on its vast community of experts in urban rail transport. With unrivalled experience in greenfield rail network design and the management of complex projects, RATP Dev is well-positioned to assist cities worldwide, from Paris to Sydney, from Riyadh to Lyon.

Commitment to Local Communities and Capacity Building

In addition to providing technical expertise and guidance, RATP Dev is committed to training and upskilling local teams in Belgrade. This commitment reflects the company’s dedication to fostering sustainable development and building strong ties with the communities where it operates. By empowering local professionals and sharing knowledge, RATP Dev aims to leave a lasting positive impact on the Belgrade metro project and contribute to the city’s long-term success.

« We are grateful for BMV’s and the City of Belgrade’s renewed trust. We will continue to work hand in hand to design the right metro system, so as to ensure that Belgrade’s future public transport network is effective, dependable, and attractive. We are contributing our integrated expertise in operations and maintenance as well as our global experts to advance BMV’s vision and serve the City and its communities » states Hiba Farès, CEO of RATP Dev.

Belgrade Renews Contract with RATP Dev

In conclusion, the renewal of the « Early Operator Assistance » contract between the City of Belgrade and RATP Dev signifies a pivotal step forward in the development of the Belgrade metro system. With RATP Dev’s support and expertise, Belgrade is well-equipped to realize its ambitious vision for a modern, efficient, and sustainable metro network that will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and urban development in the Republic of Serbia.

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