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The mesmerizing world of travel captives the hearts and minds of citizens across the world. Travel ignites dreams and satisfies wonder, delights, and dazzles the senses while etching memories to last a lifetime. Pivotal to the success of any adventure is the organization of its details, and this is where the services of highly experienced travel planners step in.

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Skylux Travel has remarkably tasted success for the 2nd year in a row, after winning the prestigious Best Luxury Travel Agency in USA 2021, awarded by internationally acclaimed Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

If like many, you have tried to DIY your travel plans, you will be able to relate to the anxiety of wondering if you booked the right time, or having flights canceled at the last minute, and not knowing where to turn for advice at midnight hours.

Imagine the stress of being stuck in a foreign country without having access to meaningful support or inside intel? Remember when covid struck, and international borders were closed mid-flight? Or when tsunamis hit the coasts of Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and how about the Australian or Californian wildfires that also got flights grounded? Granted, these are extreme examples, but they are genuine and frequent occurrences. These are the times when you will be forever grateful for having the trusty service of your award-winning travel agent waiting to support you.

What sets Skylux Travel apart from its competitors is its expertise in the area of luxury travel. Skylux clients can expect a personalized, relationship-based service that fully understands their needs and preferences and ultimately delivers world-class travel solutions.

This expertise goes into every booking, whether it be by air, road, or rail, which means you can truly relax, sit back- relieved of any anxiety, and be fully present for the journey ahead.  Skylux travel really is the « Brand you can trust, comfort you can afford ».

While the convenience of online bookings is, of course, time-effective, the engagement of completing digital forms can never replace the interaction one would have when dealing with real people, with real empathy and intuitive troubleshooting skills.

This complimentary add-on is part of the package and is offered to clients to ensure smooth sailing and ultimate support when you need it the most! And let us not forget pricing – the decisive factor when it comes to purchasing. The agents at Skylux Travel agency work double-time in negotiating on your behalf for the best possible pricing, extending your travel value by miles. They leverage their professional relations with the airlines and product suppliers to legally supply you with exclusive rates on non-stop business flights and direct business flights. If that’s not a deal clincher – what else is?

First and Business Class passengers receive a dedicated Personal Travel Manager, who flawlessly arranges every detail of your travel itinerary. With your specific preferences and needs in mind, they will expertly pull it all together for you.

In summary, Skylux Travel offers the following incredible services:

  • Massive discounts on First and Business Class flights – up to 77% off
  • Seamless routing and airline combination
  • Seating class upgrades from Business to First, or Economy to Business
  • Exclusively negotiated rates on over 50 airline carriers
  • Customized and intricate itinerary design in all corners of the world
  • Last second bookings and emergency changes even hours before a flight departs
  • Priority seating on overbooked flights
  • Attending to all aspects of travel, from flights, car hire, hotels, and travel experiences
  • Benefit from a power team of 50 highly experienced travel experts
  • Personal Travel Managers available on-call 24/7
  • Unparalleled service, with calls answered within 15 seconds globally
  • Additional travel service: Seat allocations, meal preferences, mileage, and customer loyalty programs

As well as offering the best business class flight deals around- Skylux Travel also automatically enrolls their clients into their Referral Program, which rewards customers with discounts on future travels. All the client has to do is refer friends, family, and businesses to secure their booking through Skylux.

If you’re ready to up your travel game, then you’re ready to connect with the Skylux Travel team, deservedly award-winning by Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

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