Luxurious Interior Design & Services: a New Concept of Living by Nicosia 360

The city of Nicosia harmoniously combines the architectural legacy with the dynamic heartbeat of the present day. And above the city’s scenic skyline proudly stands the 135-meter high ultramodern building Nicosia 360, the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Real Estate in Cyprus, offering an upgraded concept of living. Currently, the highest structure in the city, this building clears the zone of noise and visual pollution, and its elliptical shape allows for panoramic views while minimizing the impact from neighboring buildings to daylight exposure.

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Nicosia 360

Nicosia 360 is surrounded by extraordinary views of the old city, the Pentadactylos Mountains, and the Morphou coastline. At street level, the building offers various distinct functions of space and commercial use to support the city’s burgeoning redevelopment.

This creates a lively façade towards the surrounding streets, while simultaneously covering the parking areas hidden at the central plinth of the building. The residential access to the building is provided through a separate lobby on the ground floor, with a dedicated access area for vehicles to guarantee a high level of security and privacy.

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Variety of floor plans

The residences in Nicosia 360 offer a variety of floor plans that will suit the diverse lifestyle of its tenants. With an astounding 120 units, the building offers a variety of sizes and layouts that meets the needs of people in all of life’s stages. Every apartment has its own unique view, and the design of the building is such that keeps nothing in hiding. With 360° views all around, you can even choose your own personal “window frame” and select your personal living space in this unique building.


Rich materials

The design language of the residential units expands on the individual lobbies at every level with the use of rich materials such as floors of Emperador marble from Italy, Dione marble from Greece, and rich walnut cladding. Nicosia 360 is currently in operation; some tenants can already enjoy the benefits of living in the building of a new generation, and there are apartments ready to move in.

bernieshoot 360-Nicosia-an-upgraded-concept-of-living

Innovative way of living for modern inhabitants

"Nicosia 360 offers an innovative way of living for modern inhabitants. And as further testament to the building’s pioneering vision, a unique digital concierge service, 360 ONLINE, will be available to residents, giving them exclusive access to house services, ,payment of bills, and much more. The tower’s management and housekeeping teams are tasked with ensuring that the building is maintained to an impeccably high standard," says George Chrysochos, CEO of Cyfield Group, the tower’s developer.


Full glass façade

To emphasize the relationship with its surroundings the building has a full glass façade connecting the interiors with the natural beauty of the island. The glass allows you to connect with the outer world visually. Even when the door or windows are closed, it enables the light to flow in. Thus, it saves energy and reduces electricity bills. It brightens up the room, enhances the beauty of the home, and can also boost up the mood of occupants.

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As an architectural building component, glass offers longevity to the building’s façade. This material is fully weather-resistant, can withstand the effects of the wind, rain, or the sun, and retain its appearance and integrity in most of the given conditions.

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