Your Love Story in Vilnius

Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital launches a special route Your Love Story in Vilnius – a guide for lovers and romantics through the city’s most special places. The route follows the theme of the recently launched city’s “Amazing Wherever You Think It Is” campaign which intends to show that no matter where people think Vilnius is, it is still amazing.

Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. © Go Vilnius
Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. © Go Vilnius

The Lithuanian capital Vilnius invites lovers to experience this multifaceted city.

Currently, the city launched “Amazing Wherever You Think It Is” campaign to show that no matter where people think Vilnius is, it is still amazing. Following the theme, Vilnius now quickly turns to meet the upcoming Valentine’s mood, and launches a special route Your Love Story in Vilnius – a guide for lovers and romantics through the city’s most special places.

The romance-breathing route, now available on Vilnius Tourism site, provides a map of selected romantic locations and their detailed descriptions. The range of activities offered in Vilnius is quite wide, so everyone will find something new and exciting for them. Most importantly, romance can be shown in many different ways.

1. Romance in a hot air balloon.

Those looking for a remarkable experience will be surprised with exploring Vilnius in a hot air balloon. For the more adventurous ones, this may be a unique opportunity to propose to their loved ones on the bird’s flight over the city. The experience is not only bonding, but can also become a background for other special events.

2. Unique romantic neighborhoods.

Every city has its unique neighborhoods, but it would be hard to find another one with a self-proclaimed independent artists republic – however, this is exactly what Užupis, the bohemian artists’ neighborhood of Vilnius, claims to be. Visitors will enjoy art installations, original murals and beautiful views of the Old Town around every corner. Wandering through Literatai Street takes one to another special part of the city, which features an open-gallery wall, dedicated to the love of literature.

3. City gardens and parks.

Those wishing to stroll among manicured lawns and blooming flowers, with a river flowing nearby, will have to head to the evergreen Bernardine Garden. Before Christianity, the river valley was a sacred pagan grove, and you can still find the town’s oldest oak tree growing here. Visitors who wish to get the full nature immersion and to hike along a trail that is surrounded by beautiful views, should head to Pavilniai Regional Park. There they will find the Belmontas Park with its 19th century atmosphere, old mill and waterfalls as well as a hiking trail that leads to the Pučkoriai Exposure, offering unforgettable views.

4. Best views of the city.

Those who live in Vilnius already know some secret spots that offer impressive views of the city – and the romantic Vilnius route unveils these spots to everyone seeking to admire the sunset while overlooking the city. For example, visitors can climb into the 17th century St John’s Church Bell Tower to enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the red roofs of the Old Town. Romantic couples can also head to Subačiaus Viewpoint, grab a cup of hot coffee from a local cafe and take a moment to admire the city’s scenery.

5. Shopping for unique souvenirs.

Those who wish to stroll the streets of the Old Town, looking for unique gifts by local artists, should head to Stikliai street, which is one of the oldest and most picturesque streets of the Old Town, home to many boutiques and galleries. Stop for a coffee at “Augustas and Barbora” cafe, dedicated to the special love story between the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund II Augustus and Barbara Radziwiłł.

6. Unique bars and restaurants.

From cosy dinner in the winter garden of Panama Food Garden restaurant to watching the city lights’ while enjoying a cocktail at Skybar of Radisson BLU Lietuva hotel, Vilnius has something to offer for everyone’s taste and style. The city’s restaurant scene is booming, as modern local chefs are offering their own interpretations of Lithuanian cuisine.

To top up an already adventurous stay in the city, lovers are welcome to watch a romantic movie at a small yet cosy cinema Kino Deli, which not only streams movies but also offers a unique dining experience from 14 global cuisines. Finally, couples can dance their night away at Love Bar that offers one of the most outstanding bar interiors in the city, shadowy yet intimate atmosphere and cocktails from locally sourced ingredients.

7. Art and museums.

The charming Vilnius adventure further takes romantics to the artistic venues of the city. In the recently opened MO Museum (Museum of Modern Art), designed by the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, visitors may wander through a collection of thousands of unique pieces by Lithuanian artists, including rare Soviet-era pieces, that only now have risen from obscurity. Another outstanding art gallery, located right under the stars, invites to the streets of urban culture in the post-industrial district in Naujamiestis.

The project “Open Gallery” showcases creative paintings on the factory walls, various installations, sculptures, performances, events – all to make the abandoned city places exceptionally born again.

8. SPA experiences.

No romantic weekend will be complete without indulging in relaxing SPA treatments. A traditional Lithuanian SPA ritual with such natural products as amber or honey can become a great finish for this type of trip. Amber, considered to be the Baltic gold, has many curative and soothing properties and it is used for massages, saunas and even teas.

As a part of Romantic Europe, the UNESCO project of the World Heritage sites, Vilnius has plenty of stunning and romantic details to offer. Vilnius Old Town, considered a World Heritage site, and a melting pot of different cultures, has inspired travelers for centuries. It is now offering its romantic side for anyone willing to look for it.

© Go Vilnius

© Go Vilnius

As a special gift for Valentine’s Day, Vilnius also spreaded a batch of Amazing Wherever You Think It Is Valentine’s T-shirts, with an outstanding “I only date people who know where Vilnius is” quote.

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