Back on the 33rd edition of Traces (Aubrac)

This Sunday, March 17, 2,500 participants had the chance to discover by foot, snowshoes or cross-country skiing, all the riches of the Aubrac plateau on the occasion of the 33rd edition of the Traces. A great enthusiasm for this unique event that was sold out once again!


On «Traces» of Laguiole PDO Cheese & Aligot de l’Aubrac this Sunday, March 17th
Traces: a gourmet hike, from buron to buron!

Every year since 1985, the organizers of the Traces: the Defense and Promotion Syndicate of Laguiole PDO, the Young Mountain Cheese Cooperative, the Aubrac-Laguiole Tourist Office, the Laguiole, Nasbinals and Brameloup ski resorts as well as the partners long-standing, welcome 2,500 people at this unique event in France, which is still attracting enthusiasm!

Three courses are proposed: loop starting from the station of Nasbinals (12 kms), loop starting from the station of Brameloup (18 kms), loop starting from the station of Laguiole (21 kms).

« Building on this success, we are happy to welcome as many Aubrac lovers, and to discover, or rediscover, our territory, exceptional by the quality of its landscapes and the diversity of its flora.

Because if we want to ensure the durability of milk production on the Aubrac plateau, it is important to explain the origins of this raw milk cheese, its territory and the demanding specifications, a real book of resources, which governs the Appellation of Origin Laguiole. So many typicities that give it all its character. « Says François MAYNIER, President of the AOP Laguiole


Traces: a day of animation, sharing and conviviality

Throughout the course, several events have marked the day of March 17, something to reinvigorate the body and mind after the effort:

  • tasting of Laguiole PDO cheese, Aligot de l’Aubrac and local products such as gentian, fouace, etc.,
  • exchange with the producers of the Coopérative Jeune Montagne on the quality sector in which they are engaged and on their fascinating job,
  • quiz game,
  • mini-farm with the presence of Simmental and Aubrac cows,
  • souvenir photo workshop.

At lunchtime, lunch was served at the Royal Aubrac where participants were able to watch the spinning of Aligot Aubrac, including with Mr. André Valadier!

A hundred volunteers were mobilized for the smooth running of this day. All conditions were there to spend a friendly, gourmet and generous moment!

Les-Traces-aubrac lahuiole aop

« Every year, we come with family and invite friends to discover the Aubrac plateau, the beauty of these volcanic and granitic landscapes, not forgetting the friendly and warm atmosphere around the good products of our region. « Aligot de l’Aubrac is an unforgettable moment and not as easy as one might think, what a treat to have seen Mr. Valadier himself do it with such dexterity. »

Fabienne R., faithful participant of the Traces.

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