Darkwave electronic producer Verasect shares is new EP ‘Sleep Stories’

Darkwave electronic producer Verasect has released his new EP, ‘Sleep Stories’. The dark, seductive vocals weaving their way between Verasect’s powerful glitch beats in Aeon belong to rising star Kat Marsh of alternative electronic rock music project Lionface

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Darkwave electronic producer Verasect

New EP ‘Sleep Stories’

Darkwave electronic producer Verasect shared “Aeon”, another cut from his EP ‘Sleep Stories’, which was released independently on 28th September. From the dark synths and infectious claps that melt into the listener’s ears, it’s no surprise that London-based Verasect teamed up with legendary Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie (Tool, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) and award-winning Pete Lyman (FKA Twigs, Lykke Li, Banks, St. Vincent) for the EP’s mixing and mastering, respectively.

Dave Ogilvie is internationally acclaimed for his success in mixing music from the industrial electronic genre, so it’s a dream come true to hear Verasect’s brooding, industrial-inspired waveforms mixed by this Canadian production guru… The dark, seductive vocals weaving their way between Verasect’s powerful glitch beats in ‘Catch Your Breath’ belong to indie-pop star Dominique.


Although Verasect is originally from New York City, you can find him creating music all over the world, spending a great deal of his time in London, or on international busses, airplanes and trains, producing from his iPad and gleaning inspiration from the world around him.

The name Verasect rolls beautifully off the tongue, and is a name that alludes to the depth and intelligence of not only the musician himself, but also that of the music. The name was inspired by the Latin phrase “Veraciter Sectari”, which translates to “hunt the truth”, a fitting name for music that produces an unparallelled honesty and rawness for the listener.


Verasect manages to combine both classic and modern elements flawlessly with his sound, ultimately creating something that is at once both old-school industrial in it’s delivery, as well as crisp and modern. The sound can be compared to legendary dark electronic household names such as Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails but also brings to mind the contemporary experimentation and bombastic energy of Crystal Castles and Purity Ring. Verasect’s unique sound also has its place in the underground wave scene, and can be held up with darkwave royalty CHVRN, as well as the likes of Klimeks.

Far from predictable, Verasect manages to create moods that bring award-winning composers such as Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross to mind; unique pieces of glitch create a soundscape where dark synth sounds and ethereal vocal edits can twist and turn, taking the listener into what feels like another realm.

The way Verasect artfully mixes grimey bass with female vocal melodies that are often delicate and emotionally delivered is stylistically in the same league and Björk, Grimes or even CHVRCHES, artists that manage to create synergistic anthems out of seemingly jarring bytes of sound.

The dreamy single “Aeon” is a track that entices the listener with ethereal vocals, chiming “follow me, follow me…”. Verasect takes the listener on a twisting and turning journey, starting with delicate piano melodies twinkling over Kat Marsh’s breathy vocal lines but carefully shaping the track into a laid-back techno-inspired electronic piece that offers up a multitude of glitch beats pulsing through the heat of the uptempo sections.

Dark and mysterious, “Aeon” sounds like witchcraft, spinning around the listening, casting spells with unexpected techno hits and carefully constructed melodies.


Verasect explains that, “Aeon’ is based around a concept in the novel Ubik by sci-fi author Phillip K Dick. In the book, the recently deceased are placed in cryogenic sleep called half-life, where they exist in a dream-like state. They can be woken up periodically and can communicate with the living via a headset. However, the time they can spend awake is finite and their life force (aeon in latin) slowly deteriorates over time.

The dead are only spoken to every few months or years to keep them from dying for as long as possible. The song explores the idea of having someone you love in a perpetual near-death state as they inevitably fade away.”  

Darkwave electronic producer Verasect
LISTEN: Verasect – ‘Sleep Stories’ EP


“Sleep Stories” EP Tracklist:

1. Stitch
2. Tragedy
3. Catch Your Breath
4. Aeon

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