Musical project ‘Scarlett’ [soul/r'n'b]

"Scarlett" is the new musical project born inside black music’s classics (Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke…). Let’s discover this band composed by three young italian guys from Pisa.

scarlett on scarlet

Three young italian guys from Pisa

"Scarlett" evolved into something new, borrowing sonorities from hiphop and newsoul, employing electronic sonorities but preserving the live playing.

The band is composed by three young italian guys from Pisa:

- the warm voice of  Lorenzo Pagni,

- the elegant guitar of  Diego Ruschena

- and the soulful trumpet of Mattia Salvadori.

Their ability to mix the old and the new stuffs reveal a brilliant sensibility and knowledge of music (they play all the instruments in their recordings), proved also by their use of vocal armonizations.
Scarlett’s components are introducing themselves to the world with covers, but working hard on new songs.

SCARLETT - Talk Is Cheap (Chet Faker cover)

Further information about the video

This is a cover of a wonderful song by Chet Faker (here the original one). Scarlett’s arrangement is in a perfect balance between maintaining the mood of the original composition and innovating it, introducing different instruments and sections.

The video is homemade, as the idea behind that: “We always see how people react listening to songs played by others. What about the reactions of the artists listening to their songs? This was our very first listening of the entire track, and it has been strange also for us seeing our faces doing that.”

Behind Lorenzo, Mattia and Diego, the costumers of a pub are acting like there’s no music: the same customers who (who knows?) will be Scarlett’s fans!

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London Caller 14/05/2018 23:06

This is a bit slow, feeling a bit sleepy. ;)

Bernie 15/05/2018 17:57

Yes bbut that's a really great new music project.