Toulouse-Blagnac Airport: passenger traffic increased by + 2.4% in February

Traffic at the airport increased by 2.4% in February (667,681 passengers). Activity was disrupted by the cancellation of 137 flights, mainly in Paris, due to adverse weather conditions and a strike. International traffic continued to grow (+8.7%), in contrast to domestic traffic, which was down 3.2%.

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Toulouse-Blagnac Airport : TRAFFIC +2.4% IN FEBRUARY


Domestic traffic: 340,104 passengers (-3.2%).

Traffic with Paris was particularly impacted by bad weather conditions and social unrest: -8.1% for Paris-Orly and -6% for Paris-CDG. Regionally, traffic maintained good growth (+7.8%) with positive results for the vast majority of destinations, including Brest (+36.9%), Nantes (+17.8%) and Rennes (+14.4%).


International traffic: 323,507 passengers (+8.7%).

In the Schengen area, regular traffic continued to grow (+10.9%), with significant increases for Lisbon (+195%), Venice (+100.9%), Seville (+47.9%) and Frankfurt (+21.6%).

Outside the Schengen area (+6.6%), traffic with London continued to drive growth. Last month, London-Gatwick was the busiest airport (20,094 passengers) ahead of London-Heathrow (18,156 passengers). However, they recorded a decline in traffic compared to February 2017, which benefited London-Stansted (+90.4%, with 16,000 more passengers). Traffic with North Africa increased slightly (+2.1%), with increases for Morocco (+5.1%) and Tunisia (+5.6%), and a drop for Algeria (-3.6%).

Charter traffic continued to decline (-18.2%), with 10,854 passengers.



Freight and postal traffic fell by 10.5%, with 5,423 tonnes handled.



The number of movements decreased by 3.1%, with 6,436 movements recorded. The average passenger load per flight increased (113 passengers), higher than that of February 2017 (107 passengers per flight).

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