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Snowflake Software’s AIXM Converter

Today it was announced that Snowflake Software, a provider of cloud and on-premise software solutions for the aviation industry, is working with Aeropath to deliver an Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) data converter, in alignment with the industry standard of System Wide Information Management (SWIM).  In delivering this solution, Snowflake Software and Aeropath will combine their expertise and establish a strong partnership with the joint goal of making aviation data accessible and easy to use.

snowflake aeropath

 “Snowflake Software’s AIXM Converter Enables a New Generation of Software and Services for Aeropath’’

Aeropath will now be able to create new innovative solutions and enhance existing ones with data provided from the Snowflake AIXM data converter.  Built on top of Snowflake’s award-winning Laminar Data Technology Platform, the AIXM data converter allows Aeropath to map and convert their existing aeronautical data into the AIXM 5.1 SWIM standard, resulting in significant cost savings while avoiding costly infrastructure upgrades.

Aeropath’s development of the next generation of aero data solutions based on the AIXM 5.1 standard is well established.  The benefits of the AIXM 5.1. model combined with modern web and geospatial technologies is enabling traditionally static aero data to be accessed, updated and visualised dynamically providing much greater awareness to end users at a fraction of the cost of the solutions currently available.

Rizal Pickard, Business Development Manager at Snowflake said: “We are excited and privileged to be working with such a forward-thinking organisation that are proven specialists in the field of AIM.  Snowflake can envisage several future projects with Aeropath that are well aligned and compliment each other’s ability to deliver cutting edge solutions and services.”


Matt Day, Manager of Aeronautical Information Management at Aeropath said “Aero data and AIM is the glue that binds the operational aviation system together, connecting people, systems and aircraft on the ground and in the air.  It is dynamic, constantly evolving and vital to all involved in aviation.  Moving to an AIXM 5.1 environment puts us in at the forefront of solution providers today and we are excited about the innovations we can now bring to our clients.  Snowflake have been a real pleasure to work with, flexible, solution orientated and experts in their field.  We look forward to a long relationship of joint innovation.”

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