IACIT participates in the World ATM Congress of air navigation systems

IACIT will present its DME 0200, which is in operation in Brazil, as well as its RouteCAST and NeuralCAST systems, which provide support during severe weather events.

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A Brazilian company

IACIT, a Brazilian company with a consolidated presence in the development of high technology products and services in the areas of Defense, Public Security, CNS \ ATM, Telemetry and Meteorology, participates in the World ATM Congress in partnership with the Spanish company Centum (booth 1163D). The WATM Congress is one of the world`s leading events of air traffic management and control and will take place on March 6-8 in Madrid, Spain.

During the event, IACIT will present its solutions for navigational assistance and air traffic control developed by the company – DME 0200, RouteCAST and NeuralCAST.
The DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) 0200 is a radio navigation aid system certified by ICEA (Air Space Control Institute – a body linked to the Brazilian Air Force,(FAB), in accordance with ICAO Annex 10 (International Civil Aviation Organization).

Currently, IACIT has supplied 3 DME 0200 systems which are in operation in Brazil (in Barbacena – MG, Campos de Goytacazes – RJ and Ipatinga – MG) and will provide another 33 systems for FAB, which will be installed in the eastern strip of the country, guaranteeing coverage of this part of the national territory.

The DME 0200 is the first system to be integrated into the DME / DME navigation system deployed by the Department of Airspace Control (DECEA), whose purpose is to adopt Performance Based Navigation (PBN). DME / DME navigation uses the principle of triangulation to determine the position of an aircraft, with an acceptable level of accuracy for PBN to be offered in a terminal area (TMA).



NeuralCAST and RouteCAST represent the forefront technology for the support of navigation and air traffic control, and are aligned with the concept of Performance Based Navigation (PBN). The two solutions operate together with the Meteorology Network of the Aeronautics Command to support air traffic operators with weather forecasts.

The NeuralCAST is a system that uses trained artificial neural networks to generate information on weather trends, visibility, occurrence of bursts, speed and direction of the wind, for an horizon of up to 3 hours, using information from the stations of the aerodrome itself.

The system has a web interface in which users can directly access trend graphs and register in order to receive automatic alerts when trends indicate that the aerodrome can enter or exit an operational constraint.



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