Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) has successfully completed the next step in its major AIM modernisation programme with Comsoft Solutions. The AIM upgrade project is one of the largest upgrade projects the German company has carried out and is in full compliance with European ADQ regulation EC 73/2010 and the ICAO AIS to AIM roadmap.

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Estonia completes phase two of major AIM upgrade with Comsoft Solutions

The modernisation of data management for Estonian Air Navigation Services (EANS) completes important next phase

With the successful upgrade of Comsoft Solutions AIM database, CADAS-AIMDB, EANS now benefits from ADQ compliant data management, integrated workflow management, a new generation of Internet based flight planning and briefing and implementation of the complete aeronautical data chain including data originators.

SWIM compliant interfaces facilitate digital aeronautical data exchange of static and dynamic data, AIXM 5.1 and legacy data formats within system boundaries and beyond. EANS enhanced AIXM 5.1 data management capabilities are also fully integrated with Frequentis’ smartWFM, a workflow management sub-system that connects data originators with EANS and also manages internal ADQ related workflows.

“We first selected Comsoft Solutions AIM database in 2009, expanding with additional data management projects since.  We continue to put our trust in them due their superior expertise in aeronautical data management. This has allowed us to complete steps in the ICAO AIS to AIM roadmap easily at our own pace and we are looking forward to completing more during this innovation project with them.” Ms. Lembe Vorsman, Development Manager of AIM, EANS

During 2018, the next phase of the innovation program will occur with the system augmented to an AIXM 5.1 based digital NOTAM management tool, making EANS the first ANSP in Europe to use digital NOTAM operationally. Additional GIS tools will enhance the static and dynamic AIXM 5.1 data quality assurance processes.

“We are pleased with the successful upgrade of AIM for Estonia, and are happy to be a long-term partner of EANS. With our mature and scalable CADAS product range, we strive to excel on providing high quality Aeronautical data management systems for the safety and efficiency of air traffic within Europe and beyond.” says Uli Kaage, Head of Sales for Frequentis and Comsoft Solutions AIM business unit.

EANS manages both domestic and international air traffic in the Tallinn Flight Information Region, covering the airspace over the Estonian territory and adjacent oceanic regions. With a fully integrated AIM solution EANS are prepared for the demands of their airspace.

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