There have been notable developments on autonomous vehicles over the last year and Reportlinker conducted a new survey to analyse public opinion towards this developing technology.

Following a first survey from 2016, Reportlinker conducted a new research to answer the following questions

  • Are people ready to adopt autonomous vehicles?

  • Do they trust these vehicles to be safe ?

  • What brand are the most popular?

  • Would Americans use autonomous public transportation?

Self-Driving Vehicles Navigate Twists and Turns on the Road to Adoption
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Autonomous vehicles

Key Findings

Key findings show that:

  • More than 70% of people say they love driving themselves 

  • Nevertheless, automation is slowly finding its way into American cars as more than 50% say their vehicles have automatic cruise control and 36% have cameras with rear or side views.

  • In fact53% say they woud now buy a fully autonomous vehicle for their next purchase
    Along gender lines, women are more likely than men to be willing to buy one with 59% of responses

Public opinion worried by safety issues:

  • 67% of repondents say they would not feel safe in a self-driving car: women are especially leery, with 73% saying they are worried about their safety.

What brand?

  • Tesla is the top brand mentionned when asked about automated vehicles with 16% of mentions, followed by Ford (7%), Google (6%), Chevrolet (6%) and Toyota (5%),

  • 30% now say technology firms are likely to lead the way, about the same percentage that named traditional car companies as leaders last year.

Public transportation:

  • 59% of people say they don’t think automated public transportation will happen in the future.

  • In fact, interest in using self-driving buses or taxis dropped to 33% compared to 42% last September

  • While Millennials remain open to the idea, older generations are less likely to be interested than they were last year, with 72% saying they are not interested in using automated public transportation, compared to 61% in 2016.

Self-Driving Vehicles Navigate Twists and Turns on the Road to Adoption

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