Write Effectively

Write Effectively

Simple and efficient

Setting the tone

When we write the goal is to deliver a message so that it is read in the first place and then understood in its entirety. We agree that understanding does not mean to agree. These are two different aspects.

It is illusory to think of getting a membership if the content does not have a high level of understanding. A simple, precise and reasoned speech will allow the reader to form his opinion.

advices for writing effectively

Simple does not mean simplistic

The danger of vulgarization is to fall into a level of writing which borders on silliness.

Nevertheless, you must be aware that simplistic language has many followers for example in advertising or in the political world. This choice is aimed at listeners who may have initially a sensitivity to be receptive to a light argument.

Remember that in front of reasoning, a sound reaction is to understand it and to read it with a critical mind that will allow you to see its qualities, its faults even its flaws.

We learn to read and write, but then the keys to a critical and circumstantial analysis are too often absent from our training.

Make content readable

Publishing on the Web is a different approach from a paper publication. When you publish on paper, you have control of the format, the size of the font and the positioning of the article.

With the digital format, we are entering into another dimension. The reader can read you on his pc (or mac), his tablet or his smartphone. You've figured it out the size of the screen can range from very large to very small. Certainly you are not responsible for this choice, but you must have it in mind.

What will become a compact text without line break, without paragraph or hat on a smartphone?

Make the test to look at the same article on these different supports: computer screen, tablet or smartphone. You will learn a lot from this simple exercise.

You should know that the current trend is the smartphone consultation. This is the case, for example, for tourist office sites.

You must make your content readable to increase its chances of being read. Lighten it, it is a format that is not very time-consuming in terms of the result.

Watch the hooks

In the article where you were asked for the signs that announce you spring, you have accurately explained your references: birds, women, flowers, outfits …

For your text, it is up to you to point in the same way the elements that highlight and especially that will symbolize your post.

Do not overlook the cover photo that as for a book can be decisive for the reader to decide to read to you.

Spring Photo

The cover photo may have prompted you to read this paper until this final point.


Translated by Carrie

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