Does identifying make sense?

Among the tools we have on social networks, identification is certainly the one that will alert the person you wanted to inform, perhaps in a formal way, about your publication.

Does identifying make sense?

Does identifying make sense?

Does identifying make sense?

Identification required

Very often on the Facebook page of Bernieshoot Blog Webzine, you will find publications found on the blogosphere.

By using the "share on Facebook" function you have the option to add text. This is a possibility that I use systematically in order to be able to identify in the text the person (it is necessary that it has a profile or a Facebook page) that is the origin of the article.

This identification is there to render to Caesar what is to Jules, but also to alert the person of this sharing.


Share his empathy

The choice to share an article by identifying the person is motivated by the ability to feel the emotions, feelings, experiences of another person. This requires an effort of intellectual understanding of others and adherence to what has been published.

Identification is also a respect for this person and his creative work.


Identification Recognition

When the person finds out that he/she has been identified in a publication the reactions are diverse. Sometimes the person does not bother to come and see why you identified him/her.

Most of the time, his/her reaction translates into a "I like" or a comment and it is a form of recognition for sharing his/her initial post.


In March, water as the identified theme

We arrive at the novelty 2017 of our challenge "Sunny Monday" with the first theme of the year: water. For the month of March, we leave the colours to illustrate every Monday this theme that should multiply your imagination!


Translated by Carrie

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