Curiosity, anxiety or emotion?

To decrypt the sense of the look of a person is very complex, but do not deceive us it is even more complicated in the eyes of a young feline, what do you think Mexico Le Nantais?

Curiosity, anxiety or emotion?

Curiosity, anxiety or emotion?

Cat Look

Mexico Le Nantais

He, on the photo is Mexico, the last (last but not least?) of the felines of the family Bernieshoot. Why the "Nantais"? It is a long history whose origin is located in the depths of Mexico with a stopover in Nantes.

Did you say network? Perhaps


One of the peculiarities of young cats is to be very curious, a bit like a child who will make his discovery of the world.

Sometimes the nonsense will be there, but very often this discovery will be characterized by a permanent desire to play.


All that is new is, by definition, unknown and the unknown is often scary. The glance then veils itself of a temporary or lasting anxiety. Everything will depend on the appropriation of the unknown.

To pose as a model is not so natural as it is, it is not necessarily simple to be at ease in front of the objective. This is even truer with a cat.


In a cat too, the look can let appear of the emotion. Being in the cover photo of an article at Bernieshoot will probably not create a feeling of emotions in Mexico le Nantais, but it will be proud to participate in the photo of Sunday Magda whose theme of the month is Emotion

What do you see in the look of Mexico le Nantais?

Translated by Carrie

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