Historical figures from China’s Past to Be the Stars At flashmob Events In Shaanxi

Two "time travel"-themed flashmob events organized by the Shaanxi Tourism Administration will be held in Xi'an on February 25-26, 2017, with one to be staged on Muslim Street and the other at Tang Paradise Theme Park.

credit photo Shaanxi Tourism Administration

credit photo Shaanxi Tourism Administration

Historical figures from China's Past to Be the Stars At flashmob Events In Shaanxi

A different experience in Shaanxi

Themed "A different experience in Shaanxi", the first event, entitled "Dreaming of a Return to the Time of the Tang Dynasty", will be staged at the west gate of Tang Paradise at 9am on February 25, where 20 volunteers from China, Canada, Russia and South Korea will dress up as members of the Tang Dynasty household, including Emperor Ming of Tang and the imperial concubine Yang Guifei, alongside assorted maids and eunuchs. They have planned the arrival so it will appear as if the ancient dynasty members have popped out of nowhere and come together at Tang Paradise where they will put on a performance of the Dance of Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Dress, a famous ancient Chinese dance, followed by the much more modern shuffle dance. The combination of classical and modern styles is meant to give the audience the sense of having travelled through time.

The second flashmob event will be held on Muslim Street at 11:30am on February 26, when 20 volunteers will suddenly appear as Terracotta Warriors and interact with visitors. Soon after their discovery in the mid-1970s, the Terracotta Warriors became known as the eighth wonder of the world. The "Terracotta Warriors" will engage in a mock battle, reproducing the heroic story of Qin Shi Huang as he conquered the six other states that, at the time, made up what is now China. Following the acting out of the battle scenes, the "Warriors" will burst into a popping dance routine, emulating the street dance craze as a tribute to American singer, songwriter and dancer Michael Jackson.

The flashmob events are organized by the Shaanxi Tourism Administration. Following the events, the tourism agency will invite guests from abroad to experience the province's traditions by joining a Shaanxi culture-themed tour. The tour will include stops at history-rich destinations, among them, the Shaanxi History Museum, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Bell and Drum Towers. Volunteers from several countries have agreed to share their experiences in Shaanxi through international social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, showcasing in their own words the wonders of the province of Shaanxi, home to many of the key elements that have given Chinese history, tradition and culture its richness and importance in the pantheon of the world's civilizations.

For more information about the Shaanxi flashmob events, please visit the Shaanxi Tourism Administration's official Facebook and YouTube pages:

These historical figures will be reproduced at the two "time travel"-themed flashmob events organized by Shaanxi Province in a move to promote culture exchanges between China and other countries. Robert Anspach, a volunteer from Canada, said, "With only a few days left, I'm very excited about my opportunity to have an extraordinary experience in the role of a Terracotta Warrior."

Following the two flashmob events, the organizer will present gifts to onlookers. The lucky recipients will be invited to join staff from the Shaanxi Tourism Administration as an "embed" as they move around the city.

If you are curious about Shaanxi and its long and rich history, go to the flashmob events. The experience is sure to be a lasting memory that you will cherish.



credit photo Shaanxi Tourism Administration

About Shaanxi, China

With a long history, Shaanxi is an important cradle of Chinese civilization.

Shaanxi is home to an ancient watch tower and several palace ruins as well as temples, tombs and buildings, each with an important place in Chinese history: the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Qian, Mao, Yang and Huangdi mausoleums, the Famen Temple, the Xi'an City Wall, Xi'an Forest of Steles, Xi'an Bell and Drum Towers and the Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas. With 72 imperial mausoleums, Shaanxi is also known as the "Oriental Pyramid".

The province's many museums are also a treasure trove of historical artifacts: the Western Zhou Dynasty bronzes, the Qin Dynasty bronze chariots and horses, the Han Dynasty stone sculptures, Tang Dynasty gold and silver wares, Song Dynasty porcelain, ancient inscriptions and other rare treasures are displayed in museums throughout Shaanxi province, bringing to the fore the contributions that the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties have made to Chinese culture and history.

Not to be missed are the natural landscapes that can be found throughout the province, among them, Mount Hua near the city of Huayin, Mount Taibai in the Mei County section of Baoji City, as well as several attractions in the proximity of Xi'an including the Huaqing Pool at the foot of Mount Li in Lintong District, the Zhongnan Mountains and Cuihua Mountain, as well as the Yellow River Hukou Waterfall on the Shaanxi-Shanxi provincial border.

SOURCE Shaanxi Tourism Administration

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