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No city in the German-speaking world has as many starred restaurants as Berlin. Last Thursday night, the new Michelin Guide was introduced and the associated star award for fine dining restaurants was announced. There are now 18 restaurants boasting 25 stars altogether in Berlin.

 Ebert Fine Dining GmbH, Foto: René Riis

Ebert Fine Dining GmbH, Foto: René Riis

New Guide Michelin

  • Berlin’s restaurants are included with 25 stars in the new Guide Michelin
  • The German capital has now 18 starred restaurants
  • Restaurant einsunternull awarded one star for the first time

The restaurant einsunternull in Hannoversche Strasse in Mitte has received its first star. In the premises, which are located partly in a basement, the team with chef Andreas Rieger offers up to ten-course menus for the guests.

Just around the corner in Chausseestraße is the restaurant that is the second winner of the evening: Rutz, which already had one star, received two this year from the Michelin jury.

The team led by chef Marco Müller has already received many awards and the Rutz with its accompanying wine bar is well-known name in the Berlin restaurant scene.

2 Star Restaurants in Berlin

  1. New / Weinbar Rutz
  2. Facil
  3. Fischers Fritz
  4. Horváth
  5. Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer
  6. Reinstoff
  7. Tim Raue

1 Star Restaurants in Berlin

  1. New / Einsunternull
  2. 5 – Cinco by Paco Pérez
  3. Bandol sur Mer
  4. Bieberbau
  5. Frühsammers Restaurant
  6. Hugos
  7. Nobelhart & Schmutzig
  8. Pauly Saal
  9. Richard
  10. Semmler
  11. Skykitchen

Star Definition Since the 1930s

The Michelin Guide was originally a car garage guide for the tyre manufacturer Michelin. It was designed as a handbook for the few motorists who were on the road a century ago. In the 1920s, a restaurant guide was introduced that began to appear in numerous countries and in more and more languages.

Shortly thereafter, the first stars were awarded to restaurants offering quality cuisine. The definitions of the stars have been in place since the 1930s: One star: “A very good restaurant in its category”. Two stars: “Excellent cooking, worth a detour”. Three stars: “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.

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