The 7 Deadly Sins of blogger

Are the 7 deadly sins null and void, outdated or obsolete? It is already since a while that we knew the most and that we no longer recognize our faults. The time of mea culpa has rung for bloggers.

The 7 Deadly Sins of blogger

The 7 Deadly Sins of blogger

Blogging 7 deadly sins

One theme, two angles

Here is an exercise in style that was offered to me by Eva from the blog "The blog of little Eva." Its concept is simple and interesting:


  • Offer subject to a blogger
  • Each blogger discusses the subject at its own point of view
  • Both articles are published simultaneously

The icing on the cake is that of course we do not know what will be written by the other, thus keeping everyone's freedom of pen and style.


Concretely at the time of this writing and at the time of publishing the article I have no idea of what has been written by Eva on this common issue. I also invite you after reading my article to visit her to read hers.


She suggested me the subject of "7 Deadly Sins". A theme that I accepted without worry by not knowing precisely how I would approach it. Then I told myself that finally by blogging, temptation of sin was never far away.


It is also an opportunity for you to review the 7 deadly sins, which are those that lead to all the others.



You do not know, I'm the best, so do not expect me to visit any blog. Why taking time reading so much nonsense? The advice I give them, I do not receive them. To my punishment, visitors ignore me.



I found a great site to program my articles on social networks at the suitable time for them to have maximum visibility. With the free version, I won 500 visitors/days and it just takes me 10 minutes a day.


In short it is fabulous. Excuse me? You want the name of the site? Sorry, but you will understand that I prefer visitors to come to me rather than to you, get along as you can!



He will make my article be the highlight today? It would really be the ultimate recognition. I gave everything in thinking and writing. I applied the SEO rules to the letter.

When will this happiness happen, I am waiting this moment since the creation of the blog. Every day this desire is there, it becomes obsessive to lose its soul.



Unacceptable and yet I spell my words out. My proposal to relay superb information was refused without reason or explanation. It's well worth it to give major intellectual manor with a big heart.


My visitors did not deserve this information on behalf of indescribable principle. A cold anger, the time will come when you will beg me to publish you.



Lay down the words with a pen on paper to the glow of candlelight. Exquisite and fine light guides the eroticism of words. The charm is at its peak, because obviously she will read this passage and will know that every word undresses her a bit more.


Like a wave that comes and goes, the lines follow each other, reading becomes increasingly fast …



It should not have limits to achieve in the most total blindness, the influential blogger status. Influence on whom, on what?


Obviously influent on everything, because for you, there never was too much and that you have the most beautiful. Serve us again quickly and blow out the candle.

The laziness


Ah laziness, that the first blogger that has not known it, raises his hand and even both. The lazy blogger will not bother to read an article from beginning to end. He will skim through the title if that. He could abstain to comment, but does to redeem his laziness.

And you, your sin?


Thanks Eva for giving me this subject that stimulated my imagination. All that text reflects of course reality and facts can be attributed to actual persons.


And if in your comments, which are moderate as I recall, you tell us about your biggest capital sin?


Translated by Carrie

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