When do we become Senior ?

When do we become Senior ?

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When do we become Senior ?


One day I became a senior, or not.

This is an issue that does not arise when you’re twenty neither fifty. Do we deserve the appellation of Senior when it is related to retirement?

In principle not, but when someone is described as retired, whatever the age, you are classified in “The Old” who does not understand much, already a little bit senile. Old is not senior, is the senior always old ?

Being grandparents makes you entering the world of seniors? If the packaging is correct, it means that anyone who has no grandchildren is never a senior.

And what about woman and man ? Are they senior at the same time? Have we got here a case of exemplary parity? Nothing is less sure, just look at the advertisements for seniors’ diapers; only women are there to praise the merits.

So when do we become a senior ?

senior is still beautiful

Belbe the Senior

As for all…

Dignity must be respected…

No deficiency synonym of fraud …

Bad intentions exist as money,

To give it away, you must have

Article originally published in November 22, 2011

French version of this post

Translated by Carrie

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  1. Bonjour Bernard, pour moi sénior de veux pas dire vieux… et oui, j’ai 58 ans et me considère comme sénior, grand maman et heureuse!!! Bise et bonne soirée!

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