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Is the cap looking a flop?

Is the cap looking a flop?

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Is the cap looking a flop?

Caps collection

I recently told you about the pleasure I have to visit the blogs modes and to continue to surprise you and even extend a little more (as if that was possible) about a fashion accessory that is discussed among men and perhaps women: the cap.

In the village hall every Saturday there is caps collection, even during the state of emergency prefecture shut eyes, collection which does not mix with the gathering of berets (accessory which we’ll talk again without any doubt).

So you understood, on Saturday mornings, seniors who are called the olds, gather to talk about everything and nothing, the rain, the weather and to watch all those who pass through: being old is a culture that is cultivated under the cap.

Exactly and it’s kind of my thinking: is it a fiasco if you wear a cap under 60 years?

Is it necessary to believe that the cap is an element for the olds?

Old fashioned cap or trend of spring 2016

If you look at my picture you will notice that this man has nothing of an old guy and his cap gives him a look more than interesting. He brings out an attitude at the same time serene, mature and releasing a natural charm.

It’s not me in the picture, I’m behind my camera crunching moments of life, but I like to wear the cap. So this questions me, this spring as always I will wear one of my caps (yes I have several and I assume) and I wonder if I will be perceived as has been or instead be totally trend.

I look restlessly for your opinion in the comments.

Women caps

And for you ladies, is cap an indispensable fashion accessory or has it too much of a masculine connotation?

Give your opinion in the comments and if you like to wear the cap why not write an article on your blog to pick up on it.

The cap Belbe

Original text of Article

Has been cap…

Rather straw hat…

The hat makes the man…

Relaxing attitude…

Parisian urchin…

Just a little…

The cap does not disturb reading….


Even if…

french version of this post

Translated by Carrie

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