Love and Peace from Maeva Candles

Scents have a very specific ability to bring inimitable ambience to a moment or a place. Any occasion turns brighter when illuminated by soft candlelight and aromatized by a sweet natural scent. Any event in your life will shine with new colors and unforgettable flavors with the fragrant candles from Maeva.

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Luxury Experience of Love and Peace from Maeva Candles

These masterpieces of craftsmanship are created to personalize your space and boost your mood in the most relaxing way. The magical effect of these candles and the pleasant brand experience has already been evaluated worldwide. The luxury industry experts were no exception: Maeva became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Candles in India.


Maeva was founded as a subsidiary of Ramesh Flowers India (P) Ltd, the manufacturer and exporter of home fragrance products since 1982. The precondition for founding the company was the desire to create products that can become personal gifts evoking emotions and inspiration.

These collections of scented candles were created so that people could find a place for calm and mindful moments for themselves and their loved ones in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The burning candle by Maeva can be a generous source of multi-sensorial experience for your relaxation and mindfulness.

bernieshoot maeva love peace candle india

The occasion-based collection of Maeva candles is an ideal way to add a touch of peace and love to any celebration or just a cozy evening at home. Using flavored candles of this brand is a cost-effective way to experience aromatherapy in the privacy and comfort of your home. That’s why Maeva’s products are so close to nature – the feature that helps them to be so simple and attractive.

The special thing about these candles is that all of them are made using natural raw materials, REACH certified oils. Each Maeva product line undergoes a series of rigorous tests and research to ensure its highest quality and safety for the users. You will never see their candle dripping or creating soot during burning if you stick to a warning from the manufacturer.


Get ready to be amazed by the variety and richness of choice among the scented candles of Maeva. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards committee couldn't help admiring the creativity and unsurpassed quality of the collection. If you want to make a pleasant gift or if you lack the words to say congratulations, these candles will say everything without words.

Since old times, candles have accompanied the most significant events in people's lives. And today Maeva candles emphasize solemnity or the atmosphere of home comfort and give a special flavor to the remarkable moments. Whether it be the coming of a baby, birthday, Christmas, get well wishes, tea party, wedding, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion, you will definitely be able to choose the perfect candle for a gift or your own enjoyment.

bernieshoot maeva love candle india

The creators of the Maeva collection did not limit themselves to a variety of fragrances. You can choose from different designs, colors, sizes, and packaging. For instance, consider the irresistibly cute cupcake candles, stylish ceramic pineapple candles, or add a personal touch to your gift by forming the main words using tiny monogram candles. So many ways to experience and spread love and care – you only have to choose!

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