Japan Cultural Expo launches official social media accounts

Official social media accounts were launched today for the Japan Cultural Expo, a nationwide festival celebrating the finest in Japanese arts and culture with various programs including exhibitions, performing arts productions, and arts festivals.

japan cultural expo social media account


Japan Cultural Expo

The Expo introduces the arts of Japan to the world, based on the theme of Humanity and Nature. Starting in 2019 and scheduled to run until 2021, it will showcase 10,000 years of the arts and culture in Japan, including fine arts and cultural treasures, the performing arts, media arts, music, literary arts, food and nature, daily life, design, and fashion.

This comprehensive expo will also explore the arts in the context of creating an inclusive society, living with other cultures, and recovering from natural disasters.

The Japan Cultural Expo social media accounts will be regularly updated to provide visitors with details about programs, venues, dates, the creative process, and much more.


Account Information

Twitter : @enJPCultureExpo

Facebook : Japan Cultural Expo



Under the overarching theme “Humanity and Nature in Japan,” the Japan Cultural Expo is a nationwide festival of Japanese arts and culture led by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Japan Arts Council, organized in cooperation with government ministries and agencies, cultural institutions, local governments, and private organizations. Timed to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, events held all over the country will display the “arts of Japan” for the appreciation and enjoyment of not only Japanese audiences but visitors from overseas.



For more than 10,000 years, from primeval times to the present, the arts of Japan have been the expression of respect for the diversity of nature and the landscape. “Art” is inspired by the belief that each and every thing is endowed with a vital spirit and by a feeling of reverence for the beauty manifested therein. Traditions cherishing the nature and the climate of the land have been passed down in all aspects of daily life and art. We can see that embrace of nature’s beauty in the arts throughout the ages: decorated pottery of ancient Jōmon times, carved or cast Buddhist statuary, paintings on folding screens or in ukiyo-e prints, designs on lacquerware and other traditional crafts, kimono and textiles, Noh and Kabuki performing arts, modern arts of anime and manga. Art embodies the way nature resonates within and imprints itself upon the human heart. Art displays the ways people treasure that sense of beauty.

Appreciation of arts by not only Japanese themselves but people of other countries and members of upcoming generations will surely nurture innovation and creativity into the future.

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