British singer-songwriter Chantitown will be sharing her new single, ‘Road That Never Ends’

Singer-Songwriter Chantitown shared on 2nd November her latest single ’Road That Never Ends. The song is taken off her upcoming EP Nightingalewhich will be the second one this year alone following her debut EP “Cause and The Cureco-produced and co-composed with Jim Hustwit (Universal Music, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre).

British singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown


British singer-songwriter Chantitown

Road That Never Ends

British singer-songwriter and producer Chantitown shared on 2nd November her new single, ‘Road That Never Ends’, taken from her upcoming EP, “Nightingale”.

Earlier this year, Chantitown released her debut EP, “Cause and The Cure”, which was co-produced and co-composed with Jim Hustwit (Universal Music, National Theatre, Almeida Theatre) who also holds credit as People's Music Award Film and Music Composer. Her debut EP was met with great acclaim and it’s not surprising that Chantitown subsequently gained support from tastemaker publications such as CLASH Magazine, Music Week, Paste Magazine and Guitar Girl Magazine.   

With an extraordinary desire to create timeless material that knows no boundaries or limitations, London-born Chantitown combines empowering and inspiring music with her genuinely gifted lyricism and storytelling abilities, a skill she developed whilst writing expressive poetry at the early age of only thirteen.

Chantitown takes inspiration from iconic singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Carol King and Tracy Chapman, to the electronic and trip-hop sounds of Massive Attack, Portishead and MGMT and, stylistically, her sound can be compared to current artists Lorde, Bat For Lashes, Aurora and Lamb.  

Chantitown shares her nomadic journey through life in ‘Road That Never Ends’, flawlessly fusing folk, electronica, dream pop and orchestral arrangements into an unforgettable single.

Using her exceptional vocal talent, Chantitown creates a beautiful hum of melodies that are both wistful and optimistic, singing “We just carry on”, acknowledging the difficult journeys before her while emphasising the importance of lifting one’s head high and moving forward. Beginning with a pulsing drumbeat and delicate guitar weaving between Chantitown’s vocals, ‘Road That Never Ends’ then builds and swells, with layer upon layer of carefully placed reverb-soaked guitar melodies, percussion and orchestral elements taking us through the track with graceful power.

The moving structures and captivating hooks, along with the connection she makes between the words and how she sings them, will resonate deep within the souls of listeners.  

The upcoming release of “Nightingale” will be an audible invitation for each and every person out there to join her as she boldly moves forward to the next level. Versatile, beautiful, haunting, melodic, and real – Chantitown has a dynamic approach to songwriting that shines a bright light on the immaculate way she combines her insightful lyricism with flowing emotions in the music that tug strongly at our heartstrings while enchanting and enticing the ears.

Road the Never Ends
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Chantitown comments on her new single, “I love living in the city but it’s easy to become jaded and feel like you're on a long road with no end. I walk side by side with those who on the surface, appear to have everything held together, but they feel lost, guilty and disillusioned by the choices they make

 We should stop being so hard on ourselves, life is already very hard without the added pressure. Even in my most jaded times, I had hope and knew I could do things differently if I really wanted to. I wrote this song knowing there would be many who share the sentiment in quiet moments of reflection. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote "a poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds”; I'll hold onto that thought.

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