Electronic artist Ellzo shares his long awaited EP ‘Time Travel’

After the wait electronic artist Ellzo is releasing his brand new album Time Travel’! Time Travel’ is a great flowing EP with all thriller and no filler, and Ellzo comments that the ep is: “A journey that showcases my ongoing growth and development in music”

electronic artist ellzo
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Electronic artist Ellzo

EP ‘Time Travel’

West-London born and raised electronic artist Ellzo has just announced the release of his brand new ‘Time Travel’ EP, scheduled for October 26 via Majestic Casual Records and premiered one of the EP cuts "Work Out (feat. JACKLYN & RaneRaps)" via Highsnobiety.

Over the last two years this rising star producer, singer and songwriter has been garnering some serious attention, with three of his tracks getting airtime on BBC 1Xtra, being interviewed on Reprezent Radio and touring LA with a group of fellow musicians.

On top of this, Ellzo has been playing at a slew of prestigious events such as Camden Assembly in London with underground legends JD. Reid, Explore and Mo Vibez, Birthdays in London with PYRMDPLAZA and SH?M, Broken Open in Los Angeles with RaneRaps and many more. Ellzo has also worked with exceptional upcoming underground artists including SNARESKIN, Chromonicci and HXRY and will certainly continue to go from strength to strength in the future.


Music has been a key part in Ellzo’s everyday life ever since he got his hands on Garageband in 2009. Before that, Ellzo would go experiment on his dad’s DJ equipment on weekends, but he soon outgrew the simple mixing that his dad demonstrated and yearned to make whole productions, like the songs he’d heard on the radio.

A true Londoner, Ellzo has been living in the same spot for over two decades but will always journey out of his neighbourhood to perform live shows and go where his music takes him.


Ellzo draws influence from a number of musicians, including Pharrell, Flume, Sampha and Monte Booker, but confidently references Sam Gellaitry as his first and foremost influence when it comes to music.

Experimenting with R&B and electronic sounds with a level a skill that makes him comparable to artists like Mura Masa and Kaytranada, Ellzo has truly created his own unique electronic, soul and R&B crossover sound that grooves just as much as it captivates and delights.


Ellzo remarks, on his latest EP: “Time Travel’ really is an EP of emotions. A journey that showcases my ongoing growth and development in music,” and adds that “When I first started working on “Work Out” I was chatting to a girl I was getting very close to. I was constantly putting aside my music to be with her, which started to make me go off track musically. For the first time in my life, I had to make the daunting decision to pick between music and my love life… which ultimately left me in this position as a single lil boy.”

Time Travel EP COVER final
LISTEN Ellzo – ‘Work Out’ feat JACKLYN & RaneRaps

Time Travel’ EP Tracklist:

1. Work Out

2. Pathway

3. Agnostic

4. Undo

5. Flutter


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