Colombian Aerocivil selects FREQUENTIS COMSOFT

Colombia is scheduled to mandate ADS-B from 2020 onwards, following suit with the FAA. After a detailed international tender Aerocivil selected the superior Quadrant ADS-B from Frequentis Comsoft to advance their airspace surveillance and ensure it is fully in line with upcoming technology regulations.

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Colombian Aerocivil selects FREQUENTIS COMSOFT’s advanced surveillance solution to keep up with airspace capacity demands

Frequentis Comsoft to provide state-of-the-art ADS-B for Colombia to enhance the region’s aviation services

This is one of many worldwide ADS-B projects being carried out by the solution expert, but marks the first Quadrant ADS-B for South America. The latest project rollout includes seven ADS-B sensors connected to one central site. Fused data will provide ADS-B information to the ATM automation centre via a single access point, representing considerable cost savings by reducing the number of individual surveillance feeds required. 

Air traffic in Colombia has been increasing since 2008, with growth reported in both domestic and international flights. The current infrastructure used for the provision of air services in Colombia is based on conventional radio aids and surveillance based on Primary Radar (PSR) and Secondary Radar (SSR). With the predicted continuation of air traffic growth and the forthcoming mandate, AeroCivil decided to explore modern technologies to support increased demand.

Aerocivil has worked with Comsoft since 2009 on the installation of AMHS and then on a further relocation project and upgrade in 2016, assuring them of the professionalism and expertise.

“With the installation of its Quadrant ADS-B we can enhance our airspace surveillance, safely tackling grow¬ing air traffic as annual passenger numbers continue to increase.” says David Camilo Sanchez, Chief of the Aeronautical Surveillance and Automation Group, AeroCivil.

ADS-B offers greater flexibility along with improved traffic flow, efficiency, and safety. There is the ability to significantly increase capacity compared to procedural separation, providing an additional surveillance layer. Additionally Quadrant ADS-B can be extended to multilateration which is a cost-effective alternative to SSR.. The Frequentis Comsoft solution provides a precise and high-quality air situation picture and high update rate with lower investment costs, which makes it the perfect solution for increasing aviation demands.

“It is a pleasure for us to be working with Aerocivil again, this time on a modern surveillance infrastructure to support the demands of their service. Through a single target data stream we are also able to provide cost savings not offered by other ADS-B systems. We look forward to implementing this advanced solution and enhancing surveillance for Colombia.”, says Scott Hauswald, Quadrant Program Manager, Frequentis Comsoft.

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You can find out more about Frequentis Comsoft Surveillance solutions at World ATM Congress in Madrid, March 6-8 2018 at booth #526.

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