Grand Final of Play Your Airport

Today, Groupe ADP rewarded the winners of the worldwide Play Your Airport challenge, launched in June 2017 with a collective ambition: create tomorrow’s airport. This competition is the first of its kind in the airport industry and the diversity of the communities invited to participate – students, businesses, passengers and the Group’s employees – was a real catalyst for creative energies all over the world: nearly 2,000 challengers from 77 countries, 12 finalists, 4 winners.

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Grand Final of Play Your Airport: the international innovation competition to invent tomorrow’s airport experience


Speaking about the event, Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP declared:

« Through the Play Your Airport challenge and the multitude of ideas proposed, Groupe ADP confirms its leadership in airport innovation on an international scale. Tomorrow’s airport is an incredible platform for expression to boost creativity and innovation potential. All the proposals will help to feed our research to develop the Paris airports, in particular terminal 4 of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, and the projects that we are leading via our worldwide network of airports. »

All the participating communities put the travelling customer at the heart of the new solutions proposed, to develop new services throughout the passenger experience, even before their arrival at the airport.

The winners from the four communities designated by the jury are:

For passenger projects: 41 proposals from 22 countries


Travel&Share: Making the most of wait time by encouraging experience-sharing and interaction with others at the airport.

For student projects: 290 proposals from 77 countries


ShopNGo: Transforming wait time into useful time by taking advantage of personalised offers and reductions in the airport shops.

For business projects: 313 proposals from 59 countries


Haptic System: An energy-generating floor, which is 100 times more efficient than solar power, thanks to passenger movement.

MVAW Technologies: Incorporating plant life into airport furniture to improve air quality.

For group staff projects: 26 teams


Revolution’Air: Optimising the passenger process thanks to big data, notably with the possibility of booking time slots at control desks.

Thanks to all the projects put forward, four major trends emerge for tomorrow’s airport:

A more connected airport: robot guides, click and collect, autonomous vehicles to move within the airport;

A more sustainable airport: connected objects and green technologies, an airport with zero environmental impact, which even produces energy;

A more entertaining airport: immersive entertainment zones, bringing a game aspect into the experience;

A more cooperative airport: personalised assistance, journey preparation, and increased interaction between the communities present in the airport.


The jury was made up of experts from Groupe ADP and qualified international representatives: TAV Airports, Schiphol Airport, as well as Carlo Ratti, Director of MIT Senseable City Lab.

Prizes were awarded to each community: for the student and passenger communities, plane tickets for a round-the-world trip; for the business community, €40,000 in funding as well as experimentation support, and for the group staff community, a study trip to Silicon Valley.

The Innovation Hub programme, launched in March 2017, represents a new open innovation drive to respond to the increasing need for openness, transformation, and competitiveness by relying on an abundant ecosystem of talent: incubators, start-ups, academics, competitiveness clusters, and think-tanks. Tomorrow’s airport, used by millions of passengers, will take shape thanks to such collective challenges and by jointly developing new solutions, following in the footsteps of Play Your Airport.

Furthermore, Play Your Airport is a great starting point for the development of intrapreneurship within the company.

At least twenty teams of staff members, from all divisions of Groupe ADP, put a lot of thought and effort into this challenge. A specific support mechanism will be put in place to ensure that the most promising projects can take shape.

« Several ambitious projects have been proposed from around the world by the four communities invited to participate, which therefore offers us the strong lever that we hoped for in terms of international monitoring, to improve quality of service and design infrastructures of tomorrow. Many new and very high-potential ideas have emerged outside such as inside of Groupe ADP, some of which radically transform the current airport model, such as the alternative solutions for generating energy« , underlines Edward Arkwright, Deputy CEO of Groupe ADP.


The pillars of the Innovation Hub programme

OPEN: fostering a culture of innovation and creating an ecosystem of partners (Incubators, academics, competitiveness clusters, think-tanks, etc.).

CONNECT: sourcing, training, and experimentation with innovative start-ups and SMEs: 15 experimentations per year, around 500 start-ups referenced.

INVEST: taking minority interests in strategic partnerships via the ADP INVEST fund of €16 million. The following investments have been made: PacifaDecisions, Egidium Technologies and more recently Safety Line. Groupe ADP has also entered three external funds, X-Ange Capital 2 (SIPAREX), Cathay Innovation and Ellaia Delta.

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