Santa Monica-Area GA Enthusiasts Respond Positively to Benefits of Electric Flight

Over 130 general aviation enthusiasts attended the “Electric Airplane Morning” at Santa Monica Airport’s Museum of Flying Jan. 20 to participate in a discussion about the benefits of electric flight and the future of flight training. George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, the developer of the “Sun Flyer” family of electric aircraft, was the morning’s keynote speaker.


George Bye - front of crowd at Electric Airplane Morning


Electric Airplane Morning

Santa Monica Airport’s Museum of Flying Jan

“We were thrilled by the level of enthusiasm shown by the community, which turned out to support both the legacy and the future potential for this historic airport,” Bye said.

“My thanks to all who attended, and particularly to the Santa Monica Airport Association and the Museum of Flying for hosting the event. Bye Aerospace strives to be a collaborative, community partner. We believe our Sun Flyer family of 2- and 4-seat electric aircraft will soon be a viable option to significantly reduce noise and emissions challenges at general aviation airports all across the globe.”

Craig Fuller
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Craig Fuller, former President and CEO of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), encouraged other communities with general aviation airports to learn more about the benefits of electric flight. “The ‘Electric Airplane Morning’ event at Santa Monica generated the first positive local news story about general aviation and Santa Monica in at least the past decade,” he said.

Bye said there was a great deal of customer activity as well. He met with existing customers while in Santa Monica and received additional Sun Flyer 2 and Sun Flyer 4 deposits. “

George Bye - Electric Airplane Morning

One customer announced a Sun Flyer 2 deposit with four options, and another customer announced he was making a deposit on a Sun Flyer 4,” Bye said. “My thanks to the passionate GA pilot/owners who are contributing to our momentum.”

Dave Hopkins, VP of the Santa Monica Airport Association commented that electric-powered aircraft like Sun Flyer are game-changers at Santa Monica Airport. “Emission-free, effectively inaudible flight training aircraft will dramatically lower surrounding community impact,” he said. “As the technology matures, I believe the majority of aircraft operations at Santa Monica Airport will be electric-powered.”

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