Two Women on the Verge in Southeast Asia

New Asian Voices Series

Filmatique's New Asian Voices Series continues with Siti, Eddie Cahyono's debut feature that premiered at Singapore, Hong Kong, Hamburg and Shanghai, where it won Best Screenplay.
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Siti, Eddie Cahyono (2014)

Copyright Siti, Eddie Cahyono (2014)


Siti is a young mother living in small town in Indonesia. After her husband was gravely injured in a fishing accident, Siti has become the sole bread-winner in the household— beachside crab-cracker vendor by day, karaoke entertainer by night. As economic pressure dovetails into Siti's trauma of having witnessed her husband's accident, she becomes a woman on the verge of a breakdown.

Eddie Cahyono

Eddie Cahyono's vivid black-and-white portrait of an ordinary Indonesian woman transforms a symptom of economic hardship— the need to hold two jobs— into a mise-en-abîme of the schizophrenic relationship between a corrupt, oppressive society and its citizens.



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