SESAR Deployment Manager

SESAR Deployment Manager

The SESAR Vision

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About the SESAR Deployment Manager

The SESAR Deployment Manager is the official title of the organisation that is coordinating the upgrading of Europe’s air traffic management infrastructure. The main task of the SESAR Deployment Manager is to develop, propose and maintain the deployment of SESAR concepts and technologies and ensure efficient synchronisation and overall coordination of implementation projects, as well as the related investments in line with the Deployment Programme. The tasks of the Deployment Manager are specified in Article 9 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 409/2013.

The SESAR Deployment Alliance

The SESAR Deployment Alliance is a partnership of leading airlines, airports and air navigation service providers – the managers and users of Europe’s airspace. They are committed to the principle of the Single European Sky and to deploying the technologies that will deliver it to create customer and environmental efficiencies. The partners are:

A6 Deployment Manager Alliance

A4 Airlines

SDAG EEIG Group of Airports

Connecting Europe Facility


CEF and Single European Sky

•SESAR is one of the horizontal priorities defined in the CEF Regulation (EU) No1316/2013

• "Support should therefore be focused on the core network and on projects of common interest in the field of traffic management systems, in particular the air traffic management systems resulting from the new-generation European air traffic management system (the SESAR system)"

Key figures on SESAR Deployment

Organised per Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Call

  • 2014 CEF CALL ACTION: 84 Implementation Projects
  • 2015 CEF CALL ACTION cluster 1: 50 Implementation Projects
  • 2015 CEF CALL ACTION cluster 2: 62 Implementation Projects
  • 2015 CEF CALL ACTION cluster 3: 24 Implementation Projects


  • Total number of projects: 220

Financial figures:

  • Total on-going investments in ATM modernisation by ATM industry under SDM coordination: 1.821 billion.
    • This total includes the financial support by EU of 843 million to facilitate ATM modernisation.
  • This total excludes 2016 CEF Transport Call that could trigger up to 900 million of additional investments by end 2017.
  • Considering other SESAR on-going implementation outside SDM coordination (non PCP), it is more than 2 billion which are being invested now.

Completed projects:

  • 28 Implementation Projects successfully completed in 10 EU Member States (status 8/3/2017)

Completed projects represents about 80 million of investment.






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