Loving, sharing or commenting

Just as the painter has a palette of colours to express his emotions, the blogger has tools on blogs or social networks to express his feelings: love, share or comment.

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Loving, sharing or commenting

Tools on blogs and social networks

The heart of a blogger's activity is the production of articles that he publishes according to his editorial line and frequency of publication.

Quite systematically, and independently of the hosting platforms at the bottom of the articles, there are sharing buttons on the main social networks.

Except to be narcissistic, the blogger is also a visitor or reader of articles published on other blogs or on social networks.

There are several ways to react and the most common is certainly silence. Indeed, you will find that silent visitors account for about 85% to 95% of visits. Do not be offended; we very often act like that.

Let's look at the possible reactions of a visitor:

  • Like
  • Share
  • Comment


The most obvious illustration is undoubtedly the famous "like" of the Facebook network. It is useful to see that the reaction "j'aime" evolved on this network since for several months you can react by expressing with smileys:

  • Like
  • Love
  • Haha
  • Wow
  • Sad
  • Angry

Thus, you have the possibility to modulate your reaction from one extreme to the other.

On Twitter the "I love" is symbolized by a heart, which has advantageously replaced the yellow star, it allows to show your approval without sharing the content to your network.

Love volatile.

Is it like in everyday life where love is less and less eternal?

Difficult to say, but on Facebook, we do sometimes “like” as fast as we do “not like” anymore. When Facebook notifies you that people liked your page, have fun watching the total number of "Like" on your Facebook page. You will find that very often the total number has not increased, but on the contrary decreased.

This phenomenon is very great among those who practice the "like" for like "that we could, any proportion kept, compare to the one-night-stand.


The blogger likes that his content is shared. With each sharing his ego is flattered to see that his content interests and that it is shared with the network of another person.

Sharing is like making ricochets with a flat stone on the water whose surface will change and then return to its original shape.

When sharing, it is the members of the network of the person who shares who will have information that they would not necessarily come to look for.

The must is to have an impressive number of shares, as it will guarantee a high visibility of the content. It's a bit like ricocheting on a frozen lake, the stone does not ricochet, but it slips very far.

Why I Share

For those who follow me regularly, you are not unaware that regularly, I share content on my networks.

The one and only objective is to share this content (on subjects like travel, tourism, feminism, art, illustrations, moods…) to my network.

By the way, if like me, you like the illustrations or the comic you may have noticed at the top and right of my blog, an illustration with a cat and the mention "chat blogger". I am not the author of it. I invite you to click on this illustration to discover an illustrator whose work I appreciate.


Should all articles be open to comments?

The debate is vast. The commentary is there so that the reader can react to the content and bring complementary or contradictory elements. The author can then react if he thinks that this is a plus for the whole community in relation to the content.

The designer of the commentary function probably did not foresee that it would be diverted and used to indicate his passage on the article. It is not a question of making a judgment, but of making an observation. Everyone is free to comment as he pleases.

3615MY Life

On Bernieshoot Blog Webzine, comments are moderated to avoid first the ads that are harmful to the image of the blog.

By visiting many blogs, it is curious, perhaps embarrassing, to see down a quality article, comments like "today it was nice", "yes, it was me who took the Photo of my last article »« super article »… you probably have other examples in mind.

Certainly, the person took the time to comment on the article, but even if it means to take that time why not talk about the very content of the article.

Love, share or comment on mauve

These three tools are at your disposal to react to the numerous participations in the photographic challenge Monday Soleil.

Currently, the Facebook group is the most interactive, but Instagram is becoming more and more animated.


Translated by Carrie

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