Love Your Pet FUREVER!

Love Your Pet FUREVER!

Love Your Pet FUREVER!

Love Your Pet FUREVER!

Fotos to figurines

Pet Lovers can cherish their pets FUREVER through the exciting new 3D digital printing technology developed by, transforming photos of pets into a lifelike full-color figurine or a hanging ornament, a perfect gift for the animal-lover who has everything or a lovely way to memorialize pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. The ordering process is so simple, it can even completed with a cell phone.

dog pets lover

3d dog pets lover


Very latest 3D technology

The Furever 3D process uses the very latest 3D technology, combining durable materials and archival inks to create a porcelain-bisque-like custom keepsake, individually modeled by our highly skilled team of technicians. After submission of photos as suggested on the Furever 3D website, the image is digitized by the tech team and emailed to the customer for approval and changes made if necessary.

The image is then "printed" into the desired size – 3, 5, or 7 inch, an exact replica in permanent 3D color. The entire process takes about two to three weeks.

Not painted or cast from a mold, your favorite critter is created individually as if cell by cell through this incredible 3D print technology using specially developed raw materials to last Furever in its prime.

No animal too big or too small:

  • Dogs,
  • Cats,
  • Birds,
  • Reptiles,
  • Horses,
  • Ferrets,
  • Insects,
  • Even fish

Any animal you can photograph can be reproduced Furever!

What do they do? How do they do it?

Step one is to go to the website and watch the brief video ( about what photos are needed and how to take them. Step two: upload the photos to the website and place your order.


The following is an example of a real dog named Hektor.

Hektor is a bomb-sniffing dog with the Rochester Police department. He works at the Rochester International Airport. Pictures were taken with a cell phone and uploaded to the website. The modeler emailed a digitized 3D model for approval. Hektor was then "printed" on the 3D printer.

And, they are made in the USA!

This is the only company in the USA that does this. From paw pads, scales, hooves, or claws to wings, gills, or mane, each Furever 3D creation is as unique as your beloved finned feathered furry friend.

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