Toulouse-Blagnac Airport : ongoing growth in September

Traffic at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport increased by 13.8% in September, with a total of 831,327 passengers. The Spring-Summer programme further boosted international traffic (+28.4%), with domestic traffic growing to a lesser extent. The low-cost sector accounted for 42.7% of the local traffic, led by easyJet (59.7% of market share), Ryanair (20.2%) and Volotea (8.3%).

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport : ongoing growth in September

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport +13.8% in September



Domestic traffic: 405,251 passengers (+1.1%).

Traffic with the French capital declined (-3.1%), with the growth for Paris-CDG (+5.8%) not offsetting the decrease for Paris-Orly (-6.3%). Regionally, most destinations recorded growth, notably Brest (+47.5%), Nantes (+20.6%) and Ajaccio (+17.3%).


International traffic: 420,416 passengers (+28.4%).

Scheduled traffic  for  the  Schengen  area remained buoyant (+36.5%). Madrid consolidated its position as the leading international destination with more than 26,000 passengers (+108.3%).

Apart from the Spanish capital, the largest increases were recorded for Malaga (+138.3%), Venice (+119.5%), Lisbon (+80.5%) and Berlin (+ 62.3%).

In the non-Schengen area, growth (+ 32.8%) was fuelled by the London airports, with Gatwick ranking first (22,599 passengers this month).

Traffic with North Africa continued to grow (+15.8%), with very good results for Tunisia (+43.4%) and Morocco (+30.9%), which largely offset the downturn for Algeria (-5.1%).

Charter traffic continued to lag (-26.7%, 15,985 passengers).



Freight and postal traffic increased by 15.4%, with 7,467 tonnes handled.



The number of movements increased (+7.5%), with 8,311 movements carried out. The average passenger load per flight was 109 passengers, higher than that of September 2016 (103 passengers per flight)


Summary of September 2017 traffic

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toulouse airport figures freight airmail
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