Eurocontrol : Recruiting the next generation of air traffic controllers

If you’re passionate about aviation and have great spatial skills, Eurocontrol can offer you an exciting opportunity to train as an air traffic controller, with the prospect of a rewarding career in a dynamic organisation to follow.

eurocontrol Recruitment of student air traffic controllers
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Do you want to become an air traffic controller?

One career, many opportunities.

Eurocontrol looking for people to join our multinational team of air traffic controllers at our Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre in the Netherlands.

A selection procedure is currently underway to find suitable candidates for the student air traffic controller training which is scheduled to start in October 2017.

Specialised training is required before you can join this team of professionals. For the right candidates, Eurocontrol will pay for that training – and Eurocontrol’ll pay you an allowance while you learn.

Being safety critical, the job carries a high level of responsibility, so the selection procedure is rigorous and the training is intensely challenging. But if you succeed, you will have an enormously rewarding and interesting career!

What does an Air traffic Controller actually do ?

Air traffic control is used to separate aircraft safely – in the sky as they fly and at the airports where they land and take off again.

Air traffic controllers give instructions, advice and information to pilots so that they can fly safely, efficiently and quickly. Controllers keep track of flights by using radar and the latest computer systems.

Air traffic controllers need to be able to deal with unexpected events – changes in weather, unscheduled traffic, emergency situations.

Air traffic controllers can work at airports – in the airport tower overlooking the runways or on approach as they stream aircraft to arrive – or at en route centres.

Through this selection, we are looking for controllers to work at our en route centre.

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eurocontrol driving excellence in ATM performance

How to become an air traffic controller

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