Choose a desktop LED lighting

The LED lighting goes with comfort and economy. For your office, opting for an LED lighting lamp makes you turn for quality lighting you cannot live without.

Choose a desktop LED lighting

Choose a desktop LED lighting

Why choose an LED desk lamp


With the days getting shorter, it is essential to have an efficient lighting to work in his office. By installing a LED desk lamp in Aukey I resolutely opted for my well-being.

With an intelligent light mode, the touch control with 5 modes of light is a luxury that your eyes will enjoy.

For your pleasure you can quickly choose the satisfactory brightness and an optimum combination of white and yellow lights. With 7 levels of brightness, you can drag your finger across the control range, change the brightness with ease and have a pleasure created by this atmosphere.


The investment for this lamp is 32.99 euro, but with it you opt for low energy consumption: consumption of only 7 Watts

Indeed Energy consumption is reduced by 75% compared to incandescent bulbs.

This lighting does not emit unpleasant heat and is extremely quiet during the use of the lamp.

The more of this model is to have a USB output port (5V / 1A) on the lamp to charge your devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Smartphones. Its use leads to an additional consumption of 5 Watts.

Learn more about the LED lamps

We often use acronyms without knowing the meaning, here again our vocabulary is depleted.

LED means light-emitting diode, which can be translated by electroluminescent diode.

For about 15,000 hours using a fluorescent tube, this LED desk lamp will last nearly 30,000 hours.

The amount of light produced by the bulb is measured in Lumens. The greater Lumens are, more the light shines. For example, this lamp has the characteristic 600 lm, which is around 50 W.

What do you think of LED lighting? Are you already a follower of this lighting future?

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