What headset for indispensable companion gamer

To take full advantage of the console and his games the gamer does not content himself with a beautiful flat screen. A Gamer Headset Over-Ear Stereo Surround Sound is an essential accessory to immerse him in the game.

Headset Gamer Over-Ear  Surround Aukey

Headset Gamer Over-Ear Surround Aukey

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Gaming headset

Pc or console

By saying that one of my first console was an Atari, you will understand that my addiction to the console or PC games do not date from yesterday and since the lineage took over.

The performance of the consoles, the graphics and sound quality of the games are the major changes. By the way, today the sound is an essential elements and the occasional gamer, that I am, uses headset Gamer Headset Over-Ear Stereo Surround Sound from Aukey to immerse myself fully in the atmosphere of the game.

Playing on either PC or console, it is required before making a purchase, to ensure compatibility. This one is compatible for use with a PC, PS4, a mp3, a laptop, ultrabook and even a phone.




Excellent opportunity -Price

To avoid the question being asked or you might think that this gaming headset is not in your budget, you should know that it is a product, essential to any gamer who respects himself, which will cost less than 50 euros.


And you, do you use a gaming headset?



In your choice, comfort should be an important criterion. Indeed you have this headset on your ears for hours and it should be as one with you.

The hoop has a small cushion that adheres well to the head with a nice lightness that makes it comfortable and enjoyable. The cushions at the ears are equally comfortable. The support is excellent, and comfort is present.

The ear is covered with a leather band and headphones are adjustable, the headset is nice during the game, even for a long time.


Surround Sound

Quality sound lets you immerse yourself in the game and hear exactly what’s going on around you. This precision allows for example to hear in the midst of an attack the footsteps of an enemy that approaches.

From a technical point of view the Surround Sound stereo driver unit integrated into the headset.

For fans of online gaming and VoIP software users, this gaming headset Aukey allows you to communicate. For this function the criterion is that your callers hear only your voice and not the sound atmosphere around you. Here it is just perfect to the point that one day one of my interlocutors asked me why I had cut the sound of the game when in reality it is the quality of the chat, that made, he heard only my voice.


Wired connectivity

The cable is 2.5 m and is perfect for a good distance facing the screen.

You can enable or disable the microphone with a small switch on the cable. The volume is also adjustable directly via a volume control on the cable…

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