INTERACT, the 2016 Luciad User Conference wrap-up

Luciad Focuses on Time Dimension to Enhance Location & Business Intelligence at its INTERACT User Conference. From September 28-29, Luciad hosted INTERACT – The 2016 Luciad User Conference. The conference was Luciad’s largest and most successful ever

INTERACT, the 2016 Luciad User Conference wrap-up

INTERACT, the 2016 Luciad User Conference wrap-up

Luciad Focuses on Time Dimension to Enhance Location & Business Intelligence

Luciad’s largest and most successful Conference

The conference was Luciad’s largest and most successful ever, with over 200 geospatial professionals, developers and decision makers from 27 countries coming together for two days of networking and innovation in Brussels.

 Powerful insights

 Powerful insights were gained across the two days of the conference with 47 presentations from 33 Luciad partners working at the forefront of the geospatial industry, including NATO, Oracle, Lufthansa Systems, Digital Globe and Proximus.

Key discussion

A key discussion at INTERACT was how time has become the most important dimension for geospatial data, highlighting the need for 4D visualization capabilities not just 2D and 3D. The presentations also spanned topics including the integration of 4D visual analytics into operational environments and how visualization helps support the analysis of big data.

Resounding success

Interact was a resounding success. We had an impressive crowd of geospatial experts from different industries,”

said Luciad CEO Marc Melviez.

The presentations provided powerful insights into how companies are moving beyond 2D and 3D geospatial visualisation with Luciad’s powerful software to deliver location and business intelligence to defense and business users.

Product Roadmap for 2017

The Luciad R&D team also announced the Product Roadmap for 2017, which will focus on four pillars: management and fusion of geospatial data, visual analytics, user experience and data and application integration.

Excitement around LuciadRIA

It’s great to see a lot of excitement around LuciadRIA and the range of powerful, 3D web-based applications our customers are building with it,

said  Luciad’s Chief Technology Officer Frank Suykens.

The expectations were high with the launch of at last year’s conference, and the positive feedback at this year’s event makes me confident that we’ve delivered something really special,” he continued.

Luciad’s 2017 R&D efforts

The focus of Luciad’s 2017 R&D efforts will ensure Luciad users continue to benefit from high performance delivery of geospatial data, easy-to-integrate open standards and the fusion of multiple data sources for web, mobile and desktop applications.

About Luciad

Luciad provides software solutions for building state of the art situational awareness systems. Luciad’s mission is to provide best-of-class visualisation, data fusion, and advanced data processing and analysis software to help its customers turn superior situational awareness to their strategic competitive advantage.

Luciad’s clients include leading military, defence and security organisations, as well as market leaders in aviation, maritime, earth observation and logistics.

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