Heathrow Airport: NATS welcomes Government runway decision

Heathrow Airport: NATS welcomes Government runway decision

NATS welcomes Government runway decision

Government’s clear decision

Martin Rolfe, NATS Chief Executive Officer, said:

We welcome the Government’s clear decision on the location of a new runway and its announcement of a faster planning process to deliver it.

Heathrow Airport

We will be working closely with Heathrow Airport and all stakeholders to develop airspace designs that help maximise the benefits whilst maintaining safety and minimising noise and other environmental impacts.

“Having now made an important decision to secure the future runway capacity the country needs, we must get on with modernising airspace right across the UK to ensure we can meet the forecast growth in air traffic of 40% by 2030.

Government’s support for airspace modernisation

We are delighted to see the Government’s support for airspace modernisation, which will be crucial to future efficiency. Without such airspace modernisation, over the coming years the travelling public will see a major rise in delays and flight cancellations.

“These decisions will signal to the world that the UK is open for business, which is more important now than ever.”

Source: NATS communication

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