Toulouse Airport reports passenger traffic-growth of 9% in November

Traffic at the Toulouse airport increased by 9% in November, with 724,639 passengers recorded. International traffic continued to grow (+18%) this first month of the winter season, as did domestic traffic, though to a lesser extent (+ 2.9%). The low-cost sector represents 40.6% of local traffic.

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Toulouse Airport: passenger traffic-growth of 9% in November



Domestic traffic: 412,369 passengers (+2.9%).

Traffic with Paris declined slightly (-0.9%), with a drop for Paris-CDG (-1.1%) while Paris-Orly was essentially stable (-0.2%). Regionally, traffic continued to show strong growth (+13%) with strong gains for Nantes (+32.2%), Strasbourg (+26.9%) and Lille (+10.3%).


International traffic: 309,002 passengers (+18 %).

Growth in scheduled traffic for the Schengen area remained very high (+19.5%).

The change in offering compared to the Autumn-Winter 2016 programme translated into very strong growth for Lisbon (+168.5%) and Venice (+161.3%).

Outside the Schengen area (+15.3%), London airports are driving growth. Notably, London-Stansted became the 2nd leading airport of the English capital last month, with a 91.1% jump (16,226 passengers), behind London-Heathrow (-6%, 17,254 passengers) and London-Gatwick (-3.1%, 14,718 passengers).

Traffic with North Africa continued to grow (+ 11.1%), with gains for Tunisia (+ 29%), Algeria (+ 9.7%) and Morocco (+6.8%). Charter traffic continued to decline (-13.2%) with 3,088 passengers.



Freight and postal traffic decreased by 5%, with 5,738 tonnes handled.



The number of movements increased by 3%, with 7,153 movements recorded. The average passenger load per flight was 110 passengers, higher than that of November 2016 (104 passengers per flight).

toulouse traffic figures airport passengers november


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