45 more pilots join Ryanair

Ryanair announced that 45 new pilots have joined the airline, as Ryanair Chief Pilot, Ray Conway, presented the 45 new recruits with their ‘Wings’ at a ceremony at Ryanair’s Dublin Offices.

Wings ceremony Ryanair Dublin Office


This brings the total number of new pilots who have joined to over 860, since 1st Jan this year.


Ryanair’s Chief Pilot, Ray Conway said:


“Ryanair continues to hire and train the best pilots on a weekly basis, as we expand our fleet and our world class team of pilots. The ladies and gentlemen that fly for Ryanair are the best in the business and it’s no surprise that we continue to attract hundreds of pilot applicants from other airlines, who join Ryanair for our industry leading pay, excellent working conditions, unrivalled career progression and brand new aircraft.


I am pleased to welcome 45 new pilots to Ryanair today, bringing to 255 the number joining in the past three months alone, with 867 hired this year. I look forward to welcoming many more as we grow our route network, fleet and passengers numbers over the coming months and years.”

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babakitchen 15/10/2017 09:02

elle est bien bonne ... en espérant qu'ils prévoient bien leurs périodes de congés ces braves pilotes, histoire de ne pas mettre dans la biiiiip la moitié des voyageurs dans un an !!! bon dimanche, bisous