Basic advice to boost your audience

Starting a blog is a great adventure but can become a great disappointment. Here is some simple advice to new bloggers so blogging can stay enjoyable.

Basic advice to boost your audience

Basic advice to boost your audience

Boost your audience
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My first advice will concern your posts contents. Before you even start to think of design features to help your blog's attractiveness, you should determine which content will appeal to visitors and make them want to come back.

Relevant Content

Your possible visitors are people like you and me. For them to read your post in full, you have to make sure it's content is interesting and give them something new.

Even if the matter has been treated many times, you can still bring your own perspective. It is this unique point of view that will appeal to your readers and can convince them to come back.

Structure Content

Your post should not be written as you think of it, without any editing. If you are a young blogger, think back at your literature teachers' advice, and write as if it was an essay.

You must have a title, paragraphs and sub paragraphs. Your title is called the H1 tag in SEO language, paragraphs being H2 tags and sub paragraph H3 tags. The best option is to have all three of them, but it is still fine enough for your text to have H1 and H2 tags while you are only a beginner.

Obviously and importantly, a sub paragraph without a paragraph looks clumsy. Not having a heading paragraph with a sub paragraph is a mistake. In SEO, H3 tags come after H2 tags.

Content length

The longer is your text, the better appreciated by search engines. Yet, be careful and avoid trapping yourself into a loop.

A 800 words text is long. You can find options in every word processing software to count them.  

It will be advisable to start with well structured 300 to 400 words posts, without spelling or grammatical mistake.

Give some reference to be credible

If you are writing about a study, a book or another post, you have to share a link towards your sources. It will give your argument credibility.

Give your visitors a voice

If you would like your visitors to leave you comments, I will suggest to finish your post on a question. Be careful, you do not have to transform your argument into an interrogation, but you can start a polite and pertinent exchange.

Translated by: Pom de Pin

Version française

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London Caller 31/03/2016 00:10

There are simply to many ways to capture your reader's mind!

Alexandra Pavlova 28/03/2016 07:47

what does the text of the photo mean, Bernie? :)

Bernieshoot 28/03/2016 09:01

"Pression"means pressure but also it’s the french word for a draft beer, so the meaning is that it is better to drink a draft beer thet do be under pressure

Rebecca G. 27/03/2016 18:37

Chuis trop contente... J'ai (presque) tout compris!! :D

Bernieshoot 28/03/2016 09:02


Rebecca G. 27/03/2016 22:54

Yes, I know. I've already read it... Thanks :)

Bernieshoot 27/03/2016 19:22

great ! you have the french version available to check a work or a sentence if necesary

MumChérie 27/03/2016 07:37

Bien de parler de l'essentiel : le contenu !
Joyeuses Pâques à tous !

Bernieshoot 27/03/2016 16:48

accurate content is the good way to get success

covix 26/03/2016 22:53

J'adore le message de la Photo!
Bonne Pâques

Bernieshoot 27/03/2016 16:47

Cheers !

Marylou 26/03/2016 18:45

Happy Easter Joyeuses Pâques

Bernieshoot 27/03/2016 16:47

Happy Easter

lemenuisiart 26/03/2016 18:39

Pas mal la photo et le message

Bernieshoot 27/03/2016 16:46

thank you

monica-breiz 26/03/2016 18:14

ah oui il vaut mieux la boire
j aime pas la biere mais yerech'mad quand même Bernie
bon dimanche de Pâques demain pour toi

Bernieshoot 27/03/2016 16:45

Cheers !