If you’re attending the World ATM Congress this year, come and visit the NATS stand and talk with us about the challenges faced by the aviation industry and what we can do to change them for now and into the future. credit photo NATS CANSO World ATM Congress...

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Vision and touch are two of our five senses. Do we have to bring into opposition the touch to the vision, or do we have a complementarity that allows us to choose common sense at the right time? Do you need to touch to give you an opinion? Watch or touch? Watch...

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Rencontre avec Audrey Pulvar pour son livre « La femme, Les altérités et les contradictions des représentations féminines dans l'art le samedi 18 mars 2017 à Poitiers aux Éditeuriales. Une manifestation littéraire originale qui met en lumière la relation...

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