Who gets married in salmon-color ?

Salmon Wedding

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Did I celebrate the Union of March and the colour of salmon, this Monday to have a popular blog?

If the answer was yes, the choice would be debatable. This blend of pinkish and orange colours would hardly be a suitable mix in this rainy and windy month.

Your numerous comments showed your doubts, your questions about this pairing, which emerged in Bernie's brain at an indecent hour a December night.

To lay this colour down this in March's bed, is like a pairing without love. Doubts are arising and this improbable union would only make sense thanks to your participation.

Only your imagination will provide a Spring-like sunshine to prevent this salmon-like colour from being simply smoked, cooked or schooled.

I have chosen tulips, a picture from my attic, to celebrate with you this cohabitation, which could maybe be a civil union  but certainly not a white wedding.


Polygamy is becoming quite common in France. If you read just that, you must think that Bernie has lost the plot. Not at all, and I will explain why not, polygamy means to have more than one legitimate spouse. You all know men who had more than one wife (Henry VIII for instance). One after the other, and not all at the same time but still...

Let's come back to our salmon and March coupling. Would your participation for this month be monogamous or polygamous? Would you be able to stick with the colour of the salmon all month, or would you just chose it just for the first Monday?

Only you have the answer.

Salmon is our favorite color for March 2016


As you know, we have started a chain to push forward beautiful participations. This selection is not so easy to follow, as you can take part either with a blog or on social media.

It was therefore essential to recap all the posts you can read to discover these magnificent participations.

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It's now Ezellega's turn to pick her favourite out of the 7th March participations.

French Version Español

Translated by: Pom de Pin

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