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Bernieshoot has decided to open up to the world. You may have noticed a few posts in English and Spanish these past weeks.

Do not be afraid, I will continue to write in French. But in the meantime I would appreciate if my friends who do not understand French could come and visit me and have the pleasure to read my posts.

I can more or less translate. However, a proper translation needs to reflect the spirit of the original. It cannot be a technical exercise, a word by word translation which would produce incorrect jargon.

I do not actually appreciate automatic translation softwares. More than often, they only create some gibberish and do not convey the spirit of the original post. Translating is a real job which must be respected and encouraged.

I favour quality and human touch in the international openness.

At the beginning and the end of translated post, you will find little flags. That will lead you to your chosen language.

version anglaise version espagnole

You will also be able to choose a foreign language by using the menu or the links on the right hand side.

It will also be an opportunity for French speaking readers to practise a foreign language if they wish to.  

Looking for translators

So Bernieshoot is looking for novice translators to develop this new chapter. It will enable a beginner translator, or an enthusiastic one to showcase his or her talent.

Each translator can chose his or her language, the posts he/she wishes to translate and the frequency which with he/she send them back.

This is a win win proposition. The translator's name will appear on the post, as well as links towards his or her blog and social medias details.

Translated by: Pom de Pin

version française


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